What is a GUDEV?

We are Glasgow University's Game Development Society.

We're dedicated to all fields of game development: the programming, the music, the art and design, the long sleepless nights spent staring into the void.

We're a place for people who want to get into making games to meet and find others who can help them build that one game they've wanted to create since they were kids.

We're also here to challenge your game development skills with our game jams - hackathon style events in which everyone tries to make a video game in a couple of days.

See more info about our Gamejams!

How can I get involved?

Interested? We hope so! Whether you've made a thousand games or are a complete beginner, all you need to do to get involved is to hop onto our discord or come along to our next event.

And, if you have a project you're working on or a really good idea but need some artists or extra programmers to help you bring it to life (or if you just fancy a chat), feel free to join our Discord - just don't expect your dream game to make itself!