Useful Resources

Want to make video games but not sure how to get started? You've come to the right place.

This page lists various freely available tools, tutorials and resources that will hopefully help you to make your games!

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Version Control

Before you get started making a game you should familiarise yourself with version control. A version control system tracks the progress you make on a software project and allows you to rollback to previous versions, work on different versions concurrently, and deal with conflicts that arise when you work on a project as part of a team (for example, when two people modify a file two different ways). Think 'Google Drive' for Devs!

Once you have your project under version control, you'll need somewhere to put it online (a remote repository) so you can share it with your teammates. Many of these online git repository services also allow for things like issue tracking, and documentation!

Game Engines

3D Capable

2D Only

Game Frameworks - for programmers scared of engines

If even a framework is too high level


Raster Graphics

Vector Graphics

2D Animation/Spriting

3D Modelling

3D Animation


Raw Audio

Digital Audio Workstations


Sound Effects

Level Design



More Resources